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About Tharaa

Tharaa is fueled by a team of experts who have gained the know-how of real estate development in Dubai, Oman, and Bahrain. We at Tharaa believe that our clients deserve the highest living standards at competitive pricing, without compromising quality.
The company aims to execute and deliver several key developments in the upcoming years throughout the Kingdom.

Mission & Vission

Our vision is to enhance our standing and reputation as Bahrain's leading real estate developer and to be a strong partner in building our nation.
Our commitment to continually elevate the quality of life for all of our customers is deeply rooted in our journey to develop integrated, master-planned and sustainable mixed-use communities in vibrant growth centres all over the country
We are a responsible corporate that acts with integrity, foresight and prudence.
We shall empower our employees to deliver products that exceed our customers' expectations and build long-term value for our shareholders.

Value Creation

At the heart of every company is the desire to achieve both greatness and value.
We at Tharaa are devoted to becoming a strong business that also serves as sturdy and fruitful stock.
To do so, we have crafted a comprehensive value creation strategy that aligns business strategy and financial strategy with investor strategy.

Financial Strategy

A financial strategy is at the core of an organization's strategic plan. It must clearly state how the organization will be handling its finances in order to meet its current and future objectives.
For a financial strategy to be successful, it should be perceived as a vital part of a holistic plan rather than considered confidential information

Value Creation

Business Strategy

A business strategy complements the financial strategy by clarifying the means by which an organisation will achieve its objectives. It is based on factual studies of the organisation's current standings in terms of cash flow as well as future performance.
The business strategy should aim to develop new and innovative alternatives to help the organisation attain its objectives.

Investor Strategy

The value and real estate opportunities creation strategy needs to reflect the priorities and expectations of the company's most important investors.
Our core aim is creating low-risk real estate investment opportunities. This is achieved by establishing projects in vital commercial and residential districts witnessing high demand rates, which make them less vulnerable to financial crises and external factors that occur in the market from time to time.